SINNERS AND THE SEA Chosen as 1 of 9 Commanding Historical Novels about the Distant Past

I’m honored that SINNERS AND THE SEA has made this list! You can learn more about my novel (3:22 – 3:53) and the other novels in this video:

9 Commanding Historical Novels about the Distant Past

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Our Right To Tell Our Stories

I come to writing with the romantic idea that we must tell our stories as truly as possible at whatever cost. Disapproval, criticism, and any sort of backlash are a small price to pay for the chance to share the realities of our characters’ lives. And yet, since my first novel was published in April, I’ve had trouble heeding the advice I’ve received from other novelists: Do not read the customer reviews of your book on Amazon and Goodreads. Sometimes I manage not to look for a few days, but then, after so many years of toiling in obscurity, I want to make sure that yes, I do have a novel in the world. The positive reviews are varied in what they like about Sinners and the Sea: The Untold Story of Noah’s Wife. Among my critics there is one universal complaint: the novel is dark. full article

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