Pass the Critic

I’m teaching Quiet the Inner Critic Saturday March 14th from 9 a.m. to noon! Here you can read a student testimonial and description of one of the exercises we do in class.

Bane of Your Resistance

Susan, a student in my Entering the Flow class this summer, mentioned a great exercise she’d done in Rebecca Kanner’s single-session Loft class, Silencing the Inner Critic. I thought the exercise sounded like a brilliant way to see the Saboteur from a different perspective and asked Rebecca to write a guest post about it. Here is her gracious reply.

Pass Your Critic to the Person on Your Right: Guest Post by Loft Teaching Artist Rebecca Kanner

If you’ve spent any amount of time staring at a blank piece of paper, hiding or destroying your writing, or cringing at even the thought of writing, you know your inner critic is your own worst enemy. Could your inner critic also be someone else’s worst enemy?

In my Silencing the Inner Critic course, I have each writer pass her critic’s list of demands to the person on her right. “But don’t get too…

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